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About Us

It’s just that simple. Wildlife Extractors has over 10 years of experience in wildlife control. We proudly serve a 60 mile radius from De Leon Springs Florida. From Orlando, Port Orange, St. Augustine and Palm Coast, we have trapped and humanely released thousands of animals from homes and businesses. These animals are a nuisance, many are extremely unsanitary and the destruction they can cause while partying in your attic or basement is costly. Humane extraction is what we are all about. We will trap your house guest and we will let them back out in the wild, far away from your home or business. Contact us today and tell us what you need. We will get there and handle it for you quickly and safely.

What We Extract 

We can capture nearly every kind of animal or bird. We must remind you that we are not a pest control company. Basically, if it has fur, feathers, scales or can fly, we can trap it without harm and move them far away from you. We will also perform an inspection to locate the critters and help you get those entrance areas sealed off to keep them out.

We Handle the Following:

Mice, Bats, Armadillos, Squirrels, Hawks, Raccoons, Rats, Snakes, Possum, All Birds, Owls, Coyotes, Fox, Skunk, Moles, Hogs, and more.

If it isn’t on the list, let us know. Chances are we’ve trapped it before. Call us today for service.