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Trapping Your Unwanted Guests

Wildlife Extractors has a wealth of trapping tools at our disposal and all are geared towards a safe method of trapping your pest. The exception would be with mice and rats that need to be exterminated.

Once we arrive, we will do an inspection of the spot where your problem is. We use cameras that we can slip into holes, cracks and crevices to get a good look at what is in your eaves. We also inspect basements and attics. Attics are of importance when locating populations of bats, raccoons, squirrels and more.

We will let you know what we have found and if approved we will get our traps set. We have different modes of trapping that are developed for each type of animal we encounter, and our traps have been proven humane and safe for the animals.

Ask us about trapping bats in the attic or snakes in the basement. We will give you an honest assessment and help you seal off the entry points when we are done.

Bioremediation & Exclusion

Bioremediation is a method where we will fog the affected area to rid it of the bacteria and smell that attracted your critter in the first place. It is a very effective method of prevention along with the exclusion or sealing off the entry points. We can also perform preventative repairs to your home or business to keep the animals out and those repairs come with a transferable limited warranty. Military and Senior Discounts are available.

Take a look through our gallery and you will see the multiple methods we use to capture your critters.